A photograph taken in the evening across Dove Lake with the boatshed to the right.

"Dove Lake Boatshed"

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The tall grass of the Tamar Island Wetlands is cut by a boardwalk leading into the distance.

"Tamar Island Wetlands"

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Looking low along a bitumen road into a bright orange sunset.

"Into the Sunset"

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Beutel Lookout looking west. The green grass contrasting with the orange sunset and blue sky.

"Beutel's Sunset"

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The bitumen road leads into a bright orange sunrise.

"Sunrise at East Greenmount"

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A photo of the tiny Malu Railway station with the purple sunset sky.

"Malu Station"

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A black and white photograph showing an abandoned house on a property called


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A photo of a tree in a paddock with clouds in the distance.

"Lone Tree"

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