Email Marketing vs Marketing automation

Email Marketing vs Marketing automation

What it isn’t

There are a few misconceptions around marketing automation. So, before we look at what it is, here are some things that marketing automation isn’t.

It isn't just another name for email marketing.

It's not a tool that is only for marketers.

It isn't only used by big companies with big marketing teams.

It is not a way to send lots of spam.

It definitely isn't a simple solution to all of your marketing problems.

What it is

The right message to the right person at the right time.

Marketing automation is a strategy that streamlines, automates, and measures marketing tasks. It does this by using automated workflows to enable your business to engage with your customers and take them on a journey moving them from prospect to customer and beyond.

It fits in with you systems and can integrate into other software including your website, Facebook, and eCommerce platform.

How it works

Specialised software gives us the tools to build workflows. The workflows would normally do what they do after someone does something. That could be a visitor submitting a form to receive your lead magnet or sending an email reminder a few days before an event. The possibilities are usually limited by your imagination.

What you might be doing now

1. A website visitor submits a form asking for your lead magnet.

2. Your current email marketing system may prompt them to provide confirmation but in the end, sends the lead magnet to them.

3. Their email address is added to your newsletter list.

4. On a regular basis, you send your newsletter to the addresses on your list.

And that’s pretty much where most business’ leave it. New subscribers are added, others unsubscribe.

How marketing automation can do it

1. A website visitor submits a form asking for my lead magnet.

2. My workflow prompts them for confirm that they understand they will be added to a newsletter list but in the end, I give them access to the lead magnet.

3. This is where automation gets interesting. After one or two days, my workflow checks to see if they downloaded the lead magnet. If they didn’t, I send an email to ask them if they’ve accessed it and if not, to contact me if they’re having problems. In my workflows, I won’t add them to my lists until they get the lead magnet because that’s their confirmation.

4. 7 days after they access my lead magnet, my workflows sends an email asking them if they found it interesting. I also ask them to put a review on Facebook and Google.

5. Meanwhile, since they downloaded my lead magnet and by doing that, confirming they want to be added to my newsletter list.

6. Going back to step 3, if after 7 days, they still haven’t accessed my lead magnet my workflow removes them and I have a workflow to tidy up my contact lists.


Try it out

To show you a basic example of how marketing automation could work, submit your email address using the form below. There are certain features built into the automation behind these emails that can send you any email then give you the option to receive the other email.

Your email will only be used to demonstrate marketing automation.

Marketing by

Step 1: Enter your email and select the button.

Step 2: Within a few minutes you should get an email.

Step 3: Select one of the buttons to trigger that action and get another email.

Step 4: In the next email, select the button in that email.

Step 5: Within a few minutes you’ll get the last email.

That’s it.

How I can help

You contact me and we arrange a time for us to meet and talk about what your doing at the moment. Once I understand what it is you want to achieve, I will propose a solution. It could be that you don’t need to change what you’re doing maybe just do it a little differently.

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