About the photo – “Old Post Office – Toowoomba”

About the photo – Old Post Office – Toowoomba

A black and white photograph of the old Toowoomba's Post Office tower.

I like to make images of things that people see almost every day. I create an image that transform the subject form the mundane to something unique. My “Old Post Office – Toowoomba” photograph is just one example.

The place

Walk down Toowoomba’s Margaret St in the CBD area and you’ll see just one example of a historic building that’s been repurposed.

The prep

I’d walked past this old building so many times and I always saw a black and white image being made.

I knew I wanted something other than clear skies to give some contrast to the straight lines.

With some cloud I picked my spot that gave some interest and some drama. I chose my spot close to the central tower. Some changes were made to my position as I started capturing images. I was looking for the right angles and the right amount of space under the arch.

While I’d like to have a longer exposure (to give the impression of movement in the clouds) a lack of filters meant that wasn’t going to happen.

A black and white photograph of the old Toowoomba's Post Office tower.
"Old Post Office - Toowoomba"

My thoughts

I love a good black and white photo. Taking away the colour can let the viewer concentrate on the form of the subject without having colour as a distraction.

The angle and the straight lines gives part of this seemingly uninteresting building some sense of power.

If you’re in Toowoomba, have a quick look at the original and tell me if you agree.

I hope you like it.

Get your own print

This print looks great as a fine art print on Canson’s Baryta paper. For something different, we can print it on brushed aluminium.

This is a dark photo. I chose a double mat using Artique’s white core Night. The white beveled edge creates additional framing and interest. A similar coloured frame that isn’t distracting and draws the eye to the image.

You can order your copy from my online store today.

A framed black and white photo of Toowoomba's Old Post Office with a black frame and an almost black mat.
A framed print of 'Old Post Office - Toowoomba'

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