At the markets

At the markets

We had to go to the Police and Citizen’s Youth Club (PCYC) markets this morning to get some plants for our garden. After a dry start to the summer, the recent rains meant that anything we planted now would be off to a good start.

I really wanted to use my camera more this year so decided to take it with me. I was determined to come home with some photos.

As I walked around the markets, I noticed that I was looking at things more than I usually would. I think this was photographer’s eye kicking in. I found myself not looking for things to photograph but just looking. Seeing if a subject presented itself.

Bright orange red nectarines in a bucket waiting to be bought.
Nectarines in a bucket.
Bunches of Broccoli stacked in a tray at a market stall.
Broccoli, 3 for $5

There are a number of grocery stalls at these markets. It is a great place to go to get good quality, value for money fruit and vegetables straight from the grower.

Passing one stall, a normally uninteresting tray of Broccoli seems to stand out. With the price sign surrounded by bunches, I thought it would make an interesting photograph.

Another grocery stall and I saw these carrots. They were leaning against the ball of twine and, with a chalkboard showing the price, I thought it would make another interesting photo. A quick snap, and voila. The lovely lady looking after the stall commented that she hadn’t seen anyone photograph the carrots before. People usually photographed some platted stalks. I thought the carrots looked more interesting.

I shot a few more photos. Some of people, some of things. The last photo here is a woman with a few boxes of Asian greens. As I walked towards her she was talking to some customers. I kept walking and when she was on her own, I took her photo. With just here, some boxes of greens, and the street art covered wall behind here, this one just seemed to stand out.

A bunch of organic carrots with the greet tops leans against a ball of twine. A blackboard sign leans against them with the price. $2.50.
Organic Carrots
A lady stands next to boxes of Asian vegetables she is selling. Behind her, a street art covered wall looks on.
Greens for sale

I had a great time at the markets with my camera. We came home with some plants for the garden and I came home with some photos. If you like taking photos then I suggest you do the same. Head off to the markets and try looking. Something worth photographing will present itself.

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