How my photos will look in your home

We were worried

When we built our first home, we had to choose the bricks from a range of samples. Each sample was only three bricks. As you can imagine, we were a little worried until the bricks started to go up. Fortunately, we made the right choice.

But what if we were able to actually see how our whole house would look with different bricks choices. We wouldn’t have been worried because we would know what the house looked like before a brick was laid.

Selecting fine art prints can be a similar situation. You find a photographic print you like and, if it’s framed, you want to make sure that it suits the wall you had in mind. Who wants to hang something that doesn’t suit the room? Nobody.

Modern living room interior with a photo on the wall.

Buy with confidence

Well, there is a way I can ease your mind and help make the right choice for your home.

Go to my online store and view the photos you’re thinking of purchasing. Select a size and note down the code that appears under the Add to Basket button. You don’t have to add it to the cart just yet.

Take photos of the rooms that you’re thinking of hanging the photographs in then send me those photographs and the codes.

I will do mock-ups so you can see how the various options would look in those rooms.

Not sure about taking the photographs? If you live in the Darling Downs region, call me and I’ll make a time to come and take the photographs for you.

All this at absolutely no charge to you.